UXLx, day 3

Allright, the conference is over. It ended last night after a lineup of UX heroes, each one doing their thing on stage, keeping the big audience clinging to their seats.

All sessions were recorded and will be available online if I understood things rightly, so I’m gonna give you my top 3 recommendations on which ones to see first.

Bill Buxton – Ubiquitous Computing and the Emerging Digital Eco-system

I might be childishly fond of veterans in our field, but Bill gave us a lecture of the importance of knowing our history and a crash course in ubiquitous computing with a few sweet examples. He was passionate and open about how we work and gave us all a bit of a lesson on several topics, for example on the topic of storyboarding;

It’s all about the transitions – make them seamless and graceful (and if you need arrows, rethink your job).

An inspirational talk and I found myself sitting with my mouth wide open several times.

Now that we can make anything, whats worth making?

Gerry McGovern – The Long Neck vs The Long Tail

Gerry energized the audience with his storytelling and passionate crusade about ever-growing websites that ”eat and eat, but never poop” and that the cult of production is killing many web experiences.

Ovations for Gerry for waking up the crowd after a pretty slow session and for his presentation skills. Inspiring, even if you’ve heard about task management before.

Bonus points for telling success stories from the client I’m working with at the moment. 😉

Jesse James Garret – Design for Engagement

JJG held a less practical and more philosophical talk that made us think about our practice and what we’re actually doing and who’s really a designer (Beethoven was an experience designer through his music, he claimed).

The user experience mindset is an acquired conditions where there is no cure.

He drew a parallel to the craft known as cinematography and said it’s all about engagement, creating experiences for users regardless of the context.

A great day, and a great conference all in all. I’m happy I went, I’m sad that it’s over but I’m glad I have another couple of days to spend here in Lisbon before going home. Thanks to the organizers and all the people I met!

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