Dear Apple, here’s my wishlist for WWDC

What I want this year from Apple. At this time I’m setting up my own little home office, so this is what I need (yes, need). Thank you in advance.

  • Thunderbolt Display
    I’m getting an external display, and I’m guessing there will be a new one pretty soon with the same design as the new iMac’s. Probably won’t be presented on stage, but a silent update is all I care for.
  • New Macbook Airs
    With retina displays? Whether that will be the case or not I’m getting a new computer. The Macbook Air 13″ I have right now is from 2011 and while it’s the best computer I’ve owned and covers my basic needs, it feels like it’s about time for an upgrade.

That’s it. Don’t really care about new iPhones, iPads, Mac Pro’s or anything and all upgrades to iOS and OSX presented at WWDC will be a bonus .