– my latest personal project

The last few months I’ve made one of my projects on the to-do list a reality. I’ve spent quite some time setting up a code base that I can feel comfortable with, implementing the features that I believe most of the users, myself included, would like to see – and it’s off to a pretty good start. It’s a nice feeling making a reality of all those sketches and notes.

What I’ve built is a web based betting portfolio management tool called, used to track the progress of your bets and give useful statistics based on these bets, so you know what types of bets you make you’re money on and what you should avoid. I’m not a huge sportsbettor myself, but I’ve already made quite a bit lot of use by the site and it’s turned into a tool that is appreciated among the bettors out there, especially in Sweden and Norway so far.

Stats from the last year

Personally, I’ve used this time to refresh my development skills and although that’s still not my favorite part of web design, it’s nice to stay up with frameworks like Laravel, jQuery and Zurb Foundation, which are the parts I’ve used the most. It’s also really sweet to have a little playground to implement new design ideas and solutions on people to see how it sticks.

Stats from the last month

If your a person interested in sports and betting, feel free to sign up at and start registering your bets. It’s all free.