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Over before it started #blogg100

Writing blog posts for 100 days in a row was a mission that failed before it had even started. The reason isn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, or didn’t have the time to do it. I have a bunch of half-written posts already and I don’t have any less time than anyone else. […]

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100 blog posts in 100 days?

For the third year in a row, there’s a blogging movement thing in Sweden called Blogg 100, which basically means you should write one blog post a day for 100 days. I’ve never been in it before, but I thought it could be the thing I need to get this blogging thing going again. I’m […]

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Another screen on your wrist

Path, definitely one of my favorite apps, is coming to the new Samsung watch, and I can’t help thinking it’s a little cool and can’t wait to see what they can do with it. I’m not convinced it’s a convenient way to share stuff, but I’d love to try it and can only hope it’s […]

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Dear Apple, here’s my wishlist for WWDC

What I want this year from Apple. At this time I’m setting up my own little home office, so this is what I need (yes, need). Thank you in advance. Thunderbolt Display I’m getting an external display, and I’m guessing there will be a new one pretty soon with the same design as the new […]

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Storytelling done awesome

There is plenty to support the value of storytelling in design, not least in service design and as a tool to make yourself heard and understood among both team members and customers. There’s quite a few good examples out there as well, but this one from The Guardian is one of the most engaging I’ve […]

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Best of Mobilism 2013

Last week, Mobilism took place for the third year in a row and quite a few top talks could be enjoyed in a spectacular theatre in central Amsterdam. I loved every bit of it (except for the Dutch weather outside perhaps…). Anyway, here’s a short recap of the talks I enjoyed the most and got […]

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Book review: “The Mobile Frontier: A Guide for Designing Mobile Experiences”

The frontier – a wild, unexplored land open for invention, filled with optimism and opportunity. It’s the golden age of mobile! That’s how I interpret her naming of the book, and it goes well along with the rest of the content. I hade the pleasure to attend the writer Rachel Hinman’s mobile prototyping workshop at […]

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A Spotify playlist

Ok, I know I’m dead late on the puck here, but Spotify, one of my most used programs ever, has the ability to easily embed playlists anywhere, especially with a WordPress plugin like Spotify Embed. Here’s a playlist that I keep updating regularly with the best new songs I can find.

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UXLx, day 3

Allright, the conference is over. It ended last night after a lineup of UX heroes, each one doing their thing on stage, keeping the big audience clinging to their seats. All sessions were recorded and will be available online if I understood things rightly, so I’m gonna give you my top 3 recommendations on which […]

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UXLx, day 2

Another busy day here at UXLx in Lisbon is over and it’s been a good one. I started off with a session with legendary Gerry McGovern, who I finally got to see in person as he passionately talked about the importance of identifying the top tasks of your site’s visitors. The first thing he, not […]

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