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UXLx, day 1

It’s been a hot and sunny day here in Lisbon and I’ve had the pleasure to meet a bunch of nice people as well as participating in a couple of workshops and listening to a few short talks. First thing this morning I went to Ginny Redish’s workshop about writing web content that works. It […]

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4 weeks with Windows Phone 7

I’ve been using the new Nokia Lumia 800 for about four weeks now and I was quite enthusiastic to actually try out what Microsoft has created with their new Metro design language. Honestly, there aren’t many MS products that have impressed me over the years, but I’m delighted by the fact that they’ve really done […]

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Moving to Oslo, joining BEKK

After almost 10 months of travelling the world, recharging my batteries, finding inspiration, generating ideas and lately a bit of freelancing I have gotten the opportunity to join a group of designers and developers at BEKK Consulting in Oslo, Norway. Beginning March 1st I will be working as an interaction designer and functional advisor, doing […]

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Making conversation

While travelling, everyone you meet is on a different level of language profiency. Most know some English, some know none. Some speak fluent Spanish, many are lost there and most people are somewhere in between. It’s kind of problematic when fluent speakers try to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t have a chance to […]

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Hello 2012

In 2012 I will: Quit stuff. I will resist signing up to all these cool services and only use the ones that bring me value. I’ll quit Instagram, I’ll quit Foursquare and I’ll let Google+ rest a while, to start with. Flattr more. Finish my apps. And being better at finishing things in general. Design […]

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Here’s to the crazy ones

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10 Spotify invites

My Spotify account has generated some invites over time and they do no good just lying around, so here’s 10 of them for anyone of you to use. dUCdA4ZgnYUEbaFZ b6tyYGTULGXV8YSE bTtEXdVmmC9mPank dYyeSWDYpaKTg29R aCCBn7s6nYJfh3DR eRSyGfrVERBJsmbL d242PLT9qGHxSTz6 eNM4utLJq8DUaWwM bFBBCDguUrgswMxE c2MLrp2xq7KuShHR   Enjoy!

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My favorite travel apps

When I’m out travelling I prefer to travel light. I keep my iPad and iPhone with me at all times though, using it for reading, as a camera, notetaking and all kinds of other stuff. Below are the apps I prefer the most. If you have any other tips, pease let me know in the […]

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I need a break

I’ve got a few passions in my life. Interaction design is one, travelling is another. I’m also the type of guy that quite easily gets restless after a while in the same environment. That could be a strength and an opportunity as well as something a little stressful.Anyway, it’s been 5 and a half years […]

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Hello 2011

In 2011 i will Build an iPad app Take more photos Be a better cook Be a better host Exercise Blog more Travel outside Europe Save money Be a better photographer In 2010, I said I would… (and results) Run more (Started out fine, then… not so much) Read more (I have read more, but […]

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