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About side projects and fonts (talks)

Have some time to spare? Check out these videos from The Future of Web Design in NY. Don’t have the time? At least watch the intro’s. FOWD Talk 2011: The Power of Side Projects and Eccentric Aunts from swissmiss on Vimeo. Type on screen: Choosing and using it well from Dan Rhatigan on Vimeo. futureofwebdesign.com

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How not to design a TV remote control

Oh, remote controls.

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The Five Hat Racks – (A Motion Graphics from The Universial Principles of Design)

I love this video! I love the style: very fast paced, narration matched to words enhanced by great diagrams. The visual interplay of the diagrams is very effective and entertaining. The Walter-Winchell-esque narration will appeal to some and not others, but I like it. Doing the voice-over this way makes it sound not so serious […]

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