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Book review: “The Mobile Frontier: A Guide for Designing Mobile Experiences”

The frontier – a wild, unexplored land open for invention, filled with optimism and opportunity. It’s the golden age of mobile! That’s how I interpret her naming of the book, and it goes well along with the rest of the content. I hade the pleasure to attend the writer Rachel Hinman’s mobile prototyping workshop at […]

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4 weeks with Windows Phone 7

I’ve been using the new Nokia Lumia 800 for about four weeks now and I was quite enthusiastic to actually try out what Microsoft has created with their new Metro design language. Honestly, there aren’t many MS products that have impressed me over the years, but I’m delighted by the fact that they’ve really done […]

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Mobile Year in Review 2010

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Concept Line Phone

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News+ concept from Bonnier

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I’m going mobile

With all this tweeting, facebooking, yammering and whatevering going on it’s getting more and more hard to keep focus on what’s actually most important. My new filter strategy is based on going mobile. That is, I’m gonna use Facebook and Twitter primarily on my mobile phone and reading RSS primarily on my iPad. If you […]

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Revolutionizing the Smart Phone Keyboard?

I’m always fascinated by creative innovations and the keyboard hasn’t really changed much lately, has it? Although it would perhaps be more fair to compare it with for example the good old T9 technology than a full sized keyboard. I’d love to get my hands on this, but it seems like I need to get […]

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Eric Schmidt on mobile and more

What’s important is to get the mobile experience right, because mobility will ultimately be the way you provision most of your services. – Eric Schmidt, Google CEO

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Feedly on the iPhone

via youtube.com Feedly is one of my “core” services online, a service that makes your Google Reader level up. It’s on the way to the iPhone, and as it seems, that app will probably get a spot on my iPhones startpage. Read more about it at the Feedly blog: http://blog.feedly.com/2010/02/23/feedly-mobile-prototype-a-quick-tour/

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Mobile TV!

Swedish public TV (SVT) as well as TV4 has released apps for the iPhone, on which you can watch the same material as on the web based streaming sites. This feels so right, yet so awesome. SVT Play demo TV4 Play demo

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