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Another screen on your wrist

Path, definitely one of my favorite apps, is coming to the new Samsung watch, and I can’t help thinking it’s a little cool and can’t wait to see what they can do with it. I’m not convinced it’s a convenient way to share stuff, but I’d love to try it and can only hope it’s […]

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Why Kathy Sierra quit Twitter

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4 Simple Things I’m Sick of Seeing on Twitter

1. Constant talk about “marketing” and “branding” outside a business context. (Especially from those espousing anti-consumer views.) When you think of yourself as a “brand” that you need to “market,” you’re trying to pitch, not converse. Buying and selling has its place– in the real financial market. It should not be applied to everything in […]

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“User experience is everything”

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Social Media Bingo

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Identity 2.0 Keynote

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