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Top 29 songs of 2013

A decent year, music wise. Top new finds for me was French Films and CHVRCHES. Best album overall was probably Lorentz & Sakarias. I can’t even count how many summer nights I spent this year on the balcony with that album on (well, actually I can, thanks to Last.fm).

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The best music of 2012

In the “Top X of Y of the year” department, here’s my contribution music-wise. A pretty good year all in all, but the 33 best tracks are definitely these. Definitely. Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments Bat for Lashes – Laura Django Django – Default The xx – Angels M.I.A. – Bad Girls Tame Impala – […]

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A Spotify playlist

Ok, I know I’m dead late on the puck here, but Spotify, one of my most used programs ever, has the ability to easily embed playlists anywhere, especially with a WordPress plugin like Spotify Embed. Here’s a playlist that I keep updating¬†regularly with the best new songs I can find.

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10 Spotify invites

My Spotify account has generated some invites over time and they do no good just lying around, so here’s 10 of them for anyone of you to use. dUCdA4ZgnYUEbaFZ b6tyYGTULGXV8YSE bTtEXdVmmC9mPank dYyeSWDYpaKTg29R aCCBn7s6nYJfh3DR eRSyGfrVERBJsmbL d242PLT9qGHxSTz6 eNM4utLJq8DUaWwM bFBBCDguUrgswMxE c2MLrp2xq7KuShHR   Enjoy!

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