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UXLx, day 3

Allright, the conference is over. It ended last night after a lineup of UX heroes, each one doing their thing on stage, keeping the big audience clinging to their seats. All sessions were recorded and will be available online if I understood things rightly, so I’m gonna give you my top 3 recommendations on which […]

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UXLx, day 2

Another busy day here at UXLx in Lisbon is over and it’s been a good one. I started off with a session with legendary Gerry McGovern, who I finally got to see in person as he passionately talked about the importance of identifying the top tasks of your site’s visitors. The first thing he, not […]

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UXLx, day 1

It’s been a hot and sunny day here in Lisbon and I’ve had the pleasure to meet a bunch of nice people as well as participating in a couple of workshops and listening to a few short talks. First thing this morning I went to Ginny Redish’s workshop about writing web content that works. It […]

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